Just Be Yoo : Why and How it started

Just Be Yoo : How and why I started this shop and blog

Hi everybody

It's Catherine, the face behind Just Be Yoo. I wanted to share my story and how Just Be Yoo was born . 

Just be Yoo
Ever since I can remember,  my passion has been in sports and a little later nutrition. I naturally chose to pursue university studies in this field and  obtain a master's degree in physical education, nutrition and gymnastics.

I was destined to work as a physical education teacher in public and private schools, or as a fitness instructor or a personal trainer in gyms.

I have done so for years successfully.

A few years ago, I decided to work for a premium luxury brand. I have always loved fashion and I also have worked for different fashion brands when I was between jobs or moved to a new city.

I found myself working long hours, not being appreciated, selling high-priced items of mediocre quality and really doing nothing for myself.

I wanted to help people, especially women, get in shape, eat well, be healthy and be elegant and fashionable when exercising or being  active.

I dreamed of helping busy women that are working hard at home or at their jobs to wear clothing that give them a sense of well-being . Believe me I know the daily challenges at home and at work.

Just Be Yoo, is my vision for contemporary women who want to express themselves by wearing  active and comfortable streetwear garments of high quality.